Dr. Byrd and Becky built Westbrook Stable in 1973 as a Quarter Horse breeding facility where they stood 3 stallions and breed 40-50 mares a year. They moved to Florida in 1977 and returned to Westbrook after Dr. Byrd completed a veterinary residency in 1979. Dr. Byrd and Becky again left Westbrook in 1980 and moved to California where Dr. Byrd worked as a general equine practioner until their return to Westbrook in 1992. They have maintained a boarding stable since their return.​ In the Spring of 2010 Zakk began managing Westbrook for the Byrd's. Zakk has trained and shown horses in open shows, fairs and the APHA circuit. Zakk & Danielle give lessons and train at the stable full time.

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